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OUR Mission

At Bennett Construction, Inc., our pledge is to protect the environment, the health, safety, and welfare of its employees, as well as the communities in which we work. As a pipeline and facilities construction contractor, we recognize the continuing challenge of fulfilling this pledge while accomplishing our other corporate goals. To achieve our goals, we will:

  • Commit to leadership by operating and growing in compliance with legal requirements, as well as health and safety operating standards.

  • Safeguard our employees' health by promoting an accident-free workplace, minimizing exposure to hazardous substances, and providing preventative health care systems.

  • Promote safe handling, use, and disposal of hazardous product by acquiring and communicating information and educating our employees and customers.

  • Minimize the environmental impact of our operations by pollution prevention and environmental conservation.

  • Anticipate, evaluate, and manage risks by maintaining crisis management programs that emphasize prevention and effective emergency preparedness, response, and recovery plans.

  • Commit to continuous improvement by monitoring compliance with regulations and internal standards.

  • Earn the public trust by communicating openly about our policies, programs, and performance, as well as advocating federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

OUR Vision

At Bennett Construction, we expect a sustainable increase of gross sales by maintaining our focus on the following principles:

  • Upholding safety as the single-most important priority and key to maintaining good business.

  • Providing expert and experienced work on time, on every job, every day.

  • Encouraging more personal involvement and growth within our industry and community.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality and service every single day. Bennett Construction offers everything from transmission pipeline to roustabout services.

OUR Safety

Each supervisor is held accountable for the safety of his or her workers and is evaluated based on the performance and incidents/accidents per man-hour.

Accident Prevention, Not Accident Reaction

  • Pre-Employment Training

  • Supervisory Training

  • OSHA / DOT Training

  • 100% Drug & Alcohol Testing

  • Daily Pre-Job Meetings

  • Incident/Accident Investigations

  • On-Site Safety Personnel

  • Project Safety Monitoring

  • Confined Space/Hot Work Permits

  • Lock-Out/Tag-Out Policy

  • Subcontractor Compliance

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OUR Address

Address: P.O. Box 1377 |  Beaver, OK 73932
Tel:  580 625 3092  Fax: 580 625 4091

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